YEWONDERLAND supporting for YESUNGMELODY Birthday Project

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YEWONDERLAND supporting for YESUNGMELODY Birthday Project Empty YEWONDERLAND supporting for YESUNGMELODY Birthday Project

Post by alice on 22nd June 2011, 7:27 pm

We want your help to celebrate Yesung's 28th (Korean age) Birthday! ^ㅇ^
We're going to give him THE BEST things with your loves, So SHOW SOME LOVE FOR YESUNG, PLEASE! Smile

Feel free to donate money! no matter how much you send us!
(but please make it over 5,000won because there's exchange fee x_x)
5,000 won is equal to be around $6 USD

YESUNGMELODY last year project

YESUNGMELODY last year birthday cake picture

The reason you should join our support is very obvious - OUR SUPPORT OBTAIN YESUNG'S CERTIFICATION!!
it's not always, but MOST OF THE SUPPORT CERTIFICATE PICTURE in Yesung's twitter (ex. spamalot, sukira, love pursuer.. etc.) are from Yesung Melody.

That's why you should join our support, if you really want to participate one of those Yesung's birthday projects..!! Smile

So, we as YEWONDERFULs could help and join YESUNGMELODY project.
As you know YEWONDERLAND had successfully passed our first YEWON Photobook, so to make him remember us more, we can join this project. We gathered all the money from YEWONDERFULS then we send the money to YESUNGMELODY ^^

Donate or Send your money to us by using Western Union to:

Due date: 01 August 2011


After you send the money please give a reply on this thread

Date you send money :
Time you send money :
MTCHN number :
Your real name :
How much money did you donate :
Your birthday message to Yesung :
(Your orginal message and Korean translated message will be delivered to Yesung. So please write in English or Japanese or Korean - so we can translate your letter!)
Your name(it shows to Yesung) :


Thanks to xloveysx for giving this idea. So for all yewonderfuls, please support this projects! ^^

YEWONDERLAND supporting for YESUNGMELODY Birthday Project IMG_7320_2_

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