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Hello everyone, YeWonderland brings back the fan-fiction event for this year.
Please be careful because this year event is a little bit different from the last two years.

There are two types of competition:
1. Write your own story
2. Developing a story

First of all, you should register yourself to join this event

♠️ Go to
♠️ Complete the form
♠️ Registration will be closed on: 22th July 2012 (09.59 PM-NZT)



For you who want to write your own story, please follow these steps:

➔ Choose the PAIRING
♥️ Jongwoon/Siwon
♥️ Jongwoon/Kyuhyun
♥️ Jongwoon/Donghae
♥️ Jongwoon/Eunhyuk

We do NOT provide any theme for 2012 fan-fiction event.
We want you to freely show your imagination and creativity.
So, feel free to write anything!

➔ Choose the GENRES
♣️ Angst – This year event is focusing on this genre but you might add other genres such as:
♣️ Fluff
♣️ Romance
♣️ Drama
♣️ Friendship
♣️ Fantasy

➔ Choose the RATING
♠️ G
♠️ PG
♠️ PG-13
♠️ PG-15

➔ Choose the TYPE
✐ One Shoot
✐ Chapters



For you who do not get any inspiration or ideas about what to write; we make it easier for you as we provide ideas or a simple plot.
You can develop the plot that has been given as you like. Now, please follow these steps:

➔ Choose the IDEA
Siwon is a businessman who often goes on the trip, domestic and/or international.
Jongwoon is a senior cabin crew in one of the airline company. He usually works on long hour flights or journey. How their story will be?

Kyuhyun and Jongwoon are a lover and ready to have a beautiful marriage.
What will happen if after their wedding, Jongwoon gets into an accident which is caused by Kyuhyun itself and makes Jongwoon lost his ability to see, talking, and walking?
What if Kyuhyun doesn’t want to live with a wife-husband who is disabled? How Kyuhyun will manage with all the satisfaction he needs? How their love life would be?

Donghae is an introvert while Jongwoon is always been cheerful. They are sibling from different mother. Donghae is clever (not a genius) while Jongwoon is pretty hard to remember and learn everything. Donghae never knows that Jongwoon are hiding many things.
Donghae never has any idea that his parent treats Jongwoon differently. Jongwoon actually are having a sickness which no one knows about it, including Jongwoon itself, until it get worse.
How Yesung’s life will turn? What Donghae will do to and learn from Jongwoon? How both of them will end up?

Both of them are best friend since diapers. Both of them are rich.
Jongwoon has an outstanding singing talent while Eunhyuk has a wonderful dancing skill.
But one day, what will happen to that beautiful friendship?

➔ Choose the GENRES
♣️ Angst – This year event want you to focus on this genre but you might add other genres such as:
♣️ Fluff
♣️ Romance
♣️ Drama
♣️ Friendship
♣️ Fantasy

➔ Choose the RATING
♠️ G
♠️ PG
♠️ PG-13
♠️ PG-15

➔ Choose the TYPE
✐ One Shoot
✐ Chapters


Last step, you should carefully read this before you start writing because there are too many disqualified authors for last year event.

✇ DUE Date on 24th July 2012 at 11.59PM (NZT - New Zealand Time)
✇ Announcement on 01st August 2012

✏️ PLAGIARISM is highly RESTRICTED! If you by any chance want to develop other author’s story or take any ideas from movie, comic, or novel, you should give those credits and put their story link or title on disclaimer.
✏️ The fan-fiction has NEVER been published in any accounts or sites.
✏️ NO gender switch, pure YAOI.
✏️ Choose only ONE pairing or plot.
✏️ NO double authors.
✏️ ONE author, ONE story.
✏️ Late submission will NOT be counted.
✏️ Please use Times New Roman or Arial font with size 12 or 14, just to make it easier to read.
✏️ Reminder: the focus genre is ANGST , but you may add any other genres (fluff, romance, friendship, crack, etc...)
✏️ Fan-fiction CANNOT be published before the announcement is given.
✏️ One-shoot: minimum 5,500 words . This is because we let you to write freely, so we expect you to write more than or equal to 5,500 words. Any less than 5,500 will be disqualified.
✏️ Chapters: make sure you have finished the chapters when you submit it.
✏️ Once you submit, you CANNOT change anything.
✏️ Please register. We will NOT count your fan fiction if you do not register.

➔ What you can DO ?
✓ You CAN add any members from Super Junior (Leeteuk, Heechul, Kangin/Youngwoon, Shindong, Sungmin, Ryeowook, Kibum, Henry, ZhouMi) and/or Jongjin or maybe an imaginary mother or father to help the main pairing in your story.
✓ You CAN write in Indonesian or English, no other languages rather than that.

❖ Submit your story to
❖ Write: YWFE2012 & your fan-fiction title as the subject (example: YWFE2012 & love)
❖ Please let us know / confirm us once you submit it (to prevent any junk or un-received e-mail) by mentioning @babiettangkoma or @WeLoveYeWon on twitter or DM us on YeWonderland or reply this thread.
❖ Make sure you have these in the opening section:

--- ✑ Title: (your fan-fiction title)
--- ✑ Author: (your REAL name)
--- ✑ Type: (type of competition you choose: write your own story or developing a story)
--- ✑ Characters: (including the cameo/helper)
--- ✑ Genre:
--- ✑ Rating:
--- ✑ Words count:
--- ✑ Warning: (not necessary, but if you have, please write)
--- ✑ Disclaimer: (not necessary, but if you have, please write)
--- ✑ Summary:
--- ✑ A/N: (not necessary, but if you have, please write)

CONTACT Information
☎️ E-mail:
☎️ Twitter: @babiettangkoma ; @WeLoveYeWon
☎️ KakaoTalk: (mention us for the ID)
p.s: the most efficient way is through twitter.


Looking for prizes? Well, of course YeWonderland with VoiceYourSong prepare the prizes, but we are sorry that we cannot give you as fancy as we usually did.

☀️ 1ST
Official from LEE Music: a YESUNG cover 5th album (Mr. Simple) version A, including Yesung’s card on version A and B album, plus Super Junior big 5th album poster.

☀️ 2ND
KOREAN Brand T-shirt – FELTICS.

☀️ 3RD
BROMIDE Magazine January and February 2012 issue (because there are Super Junior’s issue on it and also some YeWon on MMA, MAMA and SBS Gayo Daejeon).

➔ Supported Pages and Official Sponsors
★ FELTICS store – New Market, Auckland branch.
★ Gifts Galore – G16, G17 Mid City Centre. 239 Queen Street, Auckland.
(If you want to help to promote this event, please contact us so we can add your fan-base or shop name to be our sponsor. Let us know what can you give for YeWonderland or for this event.)

New Zealand time difference:
♫ 6hours difference with WIB (Waktu Indonesia bagian Barat), Thailand, and Vietnam.
♫ 5hours difference with WITA (Waktu Indonesia bagian Tengah), Singapore, and Malaysia.
♫ For other country, you can check it the time difference by yourself or ask us.

Looking forward for your participation and good luck!
YEWONDERLAND 2012 FAN FICTION EVENT --- [Project DONE] 2129870173


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